Number 9,246,877.2 on my to-do list


Hello… you don’t mind if I type while I talk do you? Because I have 9,246,876 other things that need my attention before midnight tonight 😉 I’m not trying to be rude, truly, it just seems I wear too many hats. Whether by destiny or design, some women perform a multitude of roles each day.

Career-woman working outside of the house 8-10 hours a day.

Chef, or wannabe for that matter… hell, I’ll settle for edible. If the kids eat it, I’m good.

Maid. No husband, don’t go getting all excited. No French Maid costume for you until you learn to pick up your own gym socks. I imagine you’ll still be waiting well into your golden years for that one. 😉

Accountant. Here you go, rent, utilities, cable and groceries. Take my money.

Mrs. Fix It. Because duct tape does NOT fix everything.

Nurse. “Don’t put that up your nose.”

Mediator. “You do not hate your brother. You love him, you just have a funny way of showing it.”

Psychiatrist. “Just because your husband smiled at the mail lady, doesn’t mean he’s having an affair. He’s probably just happy because Wrestling is on tonight.”

Dog Walker. My dog can take a selfie but not be trusted to come back from a walk? I call bull shit.

Become an author and you can add about 7 more roles to that.

Writer… because the books don’t write themselves.

Editor. Because, yes, you do have to clean up your own words before your publish

Designer. These books need graphics for promotion. Do you have hundreds to shell out? I don’t. Even with my full time job.

Critic. Like it or not, become an author and you will self-critique. You will become your biggest critic. Saying words like, “This is crap.” “Steam-rolled garbage.” “Shit shit mega shit.” as you write. It gets ugly.

Marketing Maven. What’s the point of writing a book that no one is going to read? That’s why you have to market your book. Marketing is EXHAUSTING. With efforts on social media, on other online venues, and off the web, too. It is a full time job, which brings me to….

CEO. Hello. Addison Kline HBIC (Head Bitch in Charge for those not in the know). I am the President as well as the mail clerk, the records keeper, the operator, and the secretary. Hold please.

Customer Service Representative. Did you like that hold music? Please hold some more. Only 9,246,875 people ahead of you.

What is the point of this blog post? People are busy. You cannot spend every waking moment doing for others, and neglecting yourself. It just won’t work. Not even for a superwoman like me. Be kind to working mothers. Especially working mothers who are also authors. You can bet that they have ZERO time to themselves, and are taking time away from their almost non-existent relaxation time to answer messages, posts, tweets, and requests, so be kind and don’t diminish what they have accomplished in a day. I promise you, it’s probably way more than you’ve done all week.

Have you gone to the bathroom with an entourage of pets of children following you answering questions? Have you answered emails and inbox messages while you are running from the office to your car? Completely forgotten to eat because you are just so freaking busy? No? Did you sit down alone at some point today for a moment of peace? Yes? You’re one step ahead of the rest of us. Be kind. Don’t offend. Take a chill pill. Everything will sort itself out eventually.



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