An excerpt from “A Requiem for Winter”

An excerpt from “A Requiem for Winter” by Addison Kline

Psychological Thriller/Historical

All Rights Reserved




“Close your eyes, Poppy. Close your weary eyelids and allow sleep to take you away. Let your dreams enter the shadowed corners of your mind and take you to undiscovered lands. With your heart as a compass, and your mind as a map, let your subconscious  sweep you away.”

With her ginger hair resting wildly against her white silk pillow, Poppy looked at her father with a daunting expression in her gaze.

“And you, Poppa? When will you dream?” Poppy asked with a tender tone to her voice.

“Oh, my child,” Rhys answered in a gutteral voice. “I don’t sleep to dream. My mind plays on an endless stream of memories and thoughts, long buried truths and painful desires. When I close my mind, I long for nothingness, for darkness and silence.”

“Poppa,” Poppy sighed. “That sounds so lonely.”

“Ah, my child. With a mind as busy as mine, one can never be lonely.”




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